Your financing is prepared and now you’ve found the right home. What should you pay for it? You’ve heard it’s a competitive “seller’s market.” How much is too much? Should you just go “all in?” These are some of the more common questions I receive from buyers. The answers are fluid and depend on a number of personal and market related factors at that time. For instance, if you’re looking for a multi-family investment property your goals may be very different vs. someone looking for a 10-year home to grow a family. Back to home value….a home will have a relative value based on the sale prices of similar recently sold homes. This comparative market analysis (CMA) is a fundamental place to start and is also what the Lender will utilize if the property requires financing, but it is only one metric. Ultimately, a home is worth exactly what you are wiling to pay for it under the specific terms you will tolerate, at that time. These are topics you should discuss with your realtor in detail as you research the market and consider an offer to purchase. I would be happy to answer your questions and provide current market data to help you make an informed decision.